Trail Mix is a conversation built to share our journey with you to inform, inspire, and spread awareness about sustainability. We want to connect to our audience to cultivate a culture of mutual learning. Trail Mix is an incredibly small step in the direction of environmental harmony, but our mission is to make a change, and with the help of our audience, together we can magnify our impact.

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Sophie grew up in Austin, Texas. She has been based in NYC for 3 years, with a lot of travel in between. She worked as a full time model for 5 years, and has just recently transitioned to part time to allow for her studies at NYU. She has a deep passion for cooking, learning, health, and making an impact to better the planet.



George is a New York native. He is en route to becoming a medical doctor. When time allows, he dabbles in his passions of doing DIY projects and reading about politics, history, and environmentalism. He has a strong goal of making an impact to better the well-being of our earth.



We are a boy and a girl who found love in New York City. We share a passion for living a sustainable, healthy life. We work together to voice our values and inspire change. Trail Mix is a collection of our real-life conversations about how we are living sustainably and turning our passions into realities.